Finger Workout User Guide

Finger Workout™ User Guide

Final Tips

Final Tips, Advice & Reminders

  • When playing at slower tempos, speed up your metronome to double or quadruple tempo to help you keep time. For example, if you want to work on an exercise at 30 BPM... rather than playing four notes per click at 30 BPM, dial up to 120 BPM and play one note per click which amounts to the same speed, but gives you a better tempo guide.

  • If an exercise seems difficult, tackle it one bar at a time - or even one beat at a time. Nobody says you have to be able to play every exercise all the way through on your first attempt. Break it down into sections and just concentrate on those individually. The training benefits are just as good, perhaps even better because you are truly isolating the spots that give you the most trouble.

  • If you experience pain, STOP PLAYING. If the pain continues, see a doctor. Guitar playing is not supposed to be painful. Warm up, stretch, and take breaks. Your body needs it.

  • Mind your posture when playing or practicing. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Be aware of any discomfort or pain, not just in your fingers, but in your arms, shoulders, neck and back as well. Remember that it's all connected. Again, see a doctor if you have persistent discomfort of any kind.

  • Don't be tempted to play an exercise too fast right off the bat. Finger speed is a result of Finger Workout™, not the other way around. Concentrate on precision and accuracy and don't worry about tempo in the beginning. Stick with the program and you finger speed will follow naturally.

  • Just like real body workouts, rest and recovery is necessary with finger workouts too. A little bit every day adds up. Results are cumulative.

  • Always, always, always use a metronome. The mind cannot be trusted to keep proper time, but it can be trained to become very accurate through the regular usage of a metronome.

  • Practicing the right way for 15 minutes is better than practicing wrong way all day long.

  • Thumb behind neck for workouts, not on top.

  • Spend at least some of your practice time standing up. If you do all your playing slouched over on the edge of your bed or couch... you'll be in for a surprise the first time you play on a stage. Playing while standing up is quite different from playing while seated, so get used to the difference early on.

  • Exercise with purpose and goals, even if only for 10 minutes a day.

  • Finger Workout™ is a guitar practice method, not a guitar playing method. Playing is fun, Practice is work. The rewards of playing are immediate, the rewards of practice surface later, on stage or in the studio, when all eyes turn to you and people start buzzing about "that great guitar player"!

  • And Finally... The world's greatest, most famous guitar players were all beginners at one time just like you and me. And they all had to practice a lot to get where they are today. Every time you make even a small stride in your playing, you are on that exact same road that they were on before you, and you are moving ahead on that road yourself. Never feel that you are "not talented enough." That's BS. You can become as great as you want to become, there are no limits my friend. Don't ever forget that, and don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise.

Please feel free to drop me a note anytime and tell me how it's going. I'd love to hear from you!

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