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Finger Workout™ User Guide

Time Signature

Quick Note About Time Signature

We purposely make it so that knowledge of formal music theory does not get in the way of exercising your fingers. There's no need for it. Yes you will have to learn your scales and chords along your musical development journey... but not at Finger Workout™. We'll leave that part of your development to someone else, so we can isolate our focus to physical development only.

That said, I just thought I would briefly mention time signature, since you'll see it listed with the exercises. Most of these exercises are in what we call 4/4 time. All that means to you is that there are 4 beats per measure, with each beat consisting of one quarter note. But we'll be playing 16th notes a lot, which still amounts to 4 beats per measure, but playing 4 notes per beat instead of one (or, dividing each quarter note into 4 shorter notes). Simple enough right?

But as you explore the exercises, you'll notice some 3/4 time signatures in there as well. The only difference you really need to know is that for 3/4 time we play 3 notes per click instead of 4. Count it off in your head as a "waltz" feel like...

1 - 2 - 3... 1 - 2 - 3... 1 - 2 - 3...

That is not a precisely accurate explanation of time signature. However, for our purposes it is basically all you need to know to follow the program. You'll either be playing 4 notes per click or 3 notes per click.

This is pretty basic. But it could possibly be confusing to a beginner. So without drowning you in boring theory, you have just learned a little bit about time signatures! On we go...

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