Finger Workout™ Printable Guitar Fretboard Chart

Free Fretboard and Scale Visualization Tool.

All Finger Workout™ paid subscribers are given access to our printable guitar fretboard chart generator. This amazing little tool is the perfect companion to the Finger Workout™ program. As you grow as a player and find yourself breaking free of single neck position scales and box patterns, you can refer to these charts as your fretboard "road map." Here's how it works...

  1. Choose a key.
  2. There are over a dozen different guitar tunings to select from.
  3. Pick one of over 30 different scales (or choose no scale if you simply want a blank fretboard map).
  4. Choose between vertical or horizontal layout.
  5. Include all notes in your neck diagram, or just the scale notes.
  6. Choose sharps or flats in your chart.
  7. Click "Generate" and a new window will open with your customized printable fretboard chart!


(Please note the tool is in demo mode, limited to the major scale only, on standard tuning in any key.)

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