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What is Finger Workout™?

Finger Workout™ is a program for guitar (and bass) players to systematically improve their fret hand mechanics to become better players. By practicing isolation exercises and 'over-compensation' motions on a regular basis, you will strengthen and train your fingers to improve your finger dexterity that is central playing the instrument. More often than not, noticeable improvements tend to come quickly as your playing begins to "seem easier." As long as you stick to it, the more you practice, the better and faster your results will come. It is not rocket science... quite the opposite. It's a very simple set of techniques that anyone of any skill level can benefit from immensely.

Members have access to a database of over 200 exercises specially designed for this one goal, along with a full suite of helpful online tools to help them organize their exercise regiment, keep track of their progress and pinpoint their weak spots. For a more detailed look into the program, you might want to check out the User Guide. It has all the info and instructions that help to explain the program in more depth.

How does the program work?

Exercises are categorized in several different ways. First, by difficulty level (beginner, intermediate & advanced). Secondly, the exercises are categorized into one or more of the 6 primary mechanics that are the focus of Finger Workout™. From there, it's pretty straightforward. The exercises are to be practiced on a regular basis using a metronome, preferably as a standard part of your daily practice routine.

Just like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. You can take a very organized approach by keeping notes in your journal and making use of the progress tracking and 'favorites' tools located on your member's home page. Or you can simply practice the exercises at random. As long as you just do it, and stick to it in whatever fashion you choose to approach it, the rewards will come, guaranteed!

Is this program suitable for a beginner?

Absolutely! Beginners might even get the most benefit out of these exercises, because they are still learning the most basic motor skills necessary to become a player. This program will absolutely put you on the fast track to developing your finger dexterity.

A true beginner might find even the simplest of these exercises hard to play at first. But that is to be expected, and perfectly fine. We all start from somewhere. Every guitar player that ever lived had to pick up a guitar for the very first time at some point in their musical journey. You can get there too, so don't ever get discouraged. All it takes is simple practice and repetition. This program will absolutely speed the process of your physical finger training.

Is this program suitable for an experienced player?

Yes. Even if you're a seasoned veteran, I guarantee that you will still find exercises in the advanced level that will push you into patterns and motions that would be considered different from "normal" playing. And you will find them quite challenging. No matter how good you are, you can always be pushed out of your comfort zone. And that is exactly what is needed to break new ground and push the limits of your routine playing style. It opens the door to expansion of your current skill set, and plants seeds of creativity, by getting away you from the status quo, and experimenting with different approaches.

Also I would like to add this point. If you're an experienced player who feels you are stuck in a rut with the same old usual tricks and licks, but not improving your skills... then welcome home my friend. you have without a doubt come to the right place! Join right now or take Finger Workout™ for a 14-day FREE Trial. We'll have those fingers moving all over the neck in no time, and break you right out of that rut!

Do I need to know how to read music or know any music theory?

No you don't. The only thing you'll need to understand is how to read guitar tablature, which is a simple charting method for writing and reading a musical passage as it relates specifically to the guitar. Guitar "tab," as it's referred to, has become the standard means for guitar players to read and write guitar music, without the need to know how to read sheet music, or know any formal theory for that matter.

Understand that Finger Workout™ is not a program intended to teach you musical theory. Our sole purpose is to offer you exercises that will enable you to make great strides in your fret hand's abilities through isolation and over-compensation techniques, which will challenge you and ultimately make you a more skilled musician. The best thing about it is that you reap the benefits of your workouts very quickly. You will begin to notice improvements in control, precision and speed as soon as you start to exercise a little bit each day!

Will Finger Workout™ teach me chords and scales?

No we will not teach you one chord or scale here. There's a million books, magazines, web sites and lessons out there for you to learn your chords, scales and theory. We'll leave that task to up to you, and however you wish to pursue it. Again, we have one single goal here at Finger Workout™... to gradually improve your fret hand motor skills, and constantly raise your playing ability to higher levels through specialized exercises. Learning basic scales and chords is pretty easy. What's not so easy is developing the hand-eye coordination necessary to put that knowledge into practice... to transform from someone who struggles to make their fingers do what they want, to becoming a highly skilled and articulate player. That's why we're here. And you can't get it from a book or a teacher or a lesson. You get it by practicing on a regular basis. These exercises will help you focus and practice in a manner that really pays off and reaps measurable benefits.

We do offer a fretboard scale visualization tool for members. The reason behind this is not to "teach" you scales per se... but rather it's a tool you can use to see how a particular scale looks over the entire neck. This is an extremely helpful way for you to start moving all over the fretboard. As you develop as a player, your mobility will improve. Too often, scales are taught in single positions. As an advancing guitar player, you want to be able to play the whole neck and break out of fixed positions and box patterns. The fretboard maps are incredibly helpful visualization tools which help you achieve that mobility faster. I know they helped me immensely in my earlier years.

How much time should I practice the exercises?

Exercising your fingers is not unlike working out in a gym. You don't go to a gym one time and then stop. You get into a routine of going on a regular basis, and keeping a regular regimen of exercises that keep you fit and gradually improve your conditioning and strength. This is the same idea applied to guitar playing mechanics. It is a physical endeavor. Your fingers are challenged and "worked out." They need time to assimilate and recover between sessions.

As long as you are really challenging yourself and staying disciplined when you exercise, I personally recommend 10-20 minutes a day. But it's up to you. Just keep in mind that it's generally more beneficial to exercise many times in small increments, than to try and make all your development happen overnight. It just doesn't work that way.

At what tempo should I practice the exercises?

The answer is to practice at the right tempo. That is, the tempo which allows you to maintain precision and accuracy of the pattern while keeping steady timing. It's different for everybody. It will vary from exercise to exercise. Once you get comfortable with a pattern to the point you can play it flawlessly at a certain tempo, only then should you increase the tempo a bit to raise the bar, and enjoy your continued strides on the path to guitar mastery!

Can I print out the exercises?

Yes every exercise has a printable version so you don't have to be on the web site every time you practice.

How much does it cost to join?

Finger Workout™ is available in 6 month, 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions, priced as follows.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

As much as we would like to offer a money back guarantee, we are not able to offer one. Too many people have joined, downloaded all the content and then abruptly requested a full refund. This mis-use of the system is a financial liability, because we have to pay the credit card merchant fees both on the original transaction and again on the refund transaction. So in order to protect ourselves from this kind of abuse we unfortunately do not offer money back guarantees. All sales are final, per the Terms of Use of this web site.

With that said, in place of a money back guarantee we do offer a 14 day free trial for you to sample the program, to decide for yourself if you would like to join. We highly encourage you to take a trial first, if you are the least bit unsure about joining. We are confident that any serious guitar student will recognize the value of becoming a member by taking a free trial. There is no obligation whatsoever and all it takes is a valid e-mail address. You may sign up for a free trial now by going to the free trial page.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

No. All subscriptions are one-time purchases, they do not auto-renew. After you subscribe you will not be charged again unless you sign up for another term to extend your membership.

Can I try the program before I join?

Yes. We fully encourage you to test the program to realize all that it has to offer. The tracking tools in the members area are quite extensive, and you will have complete access these tools in your account as a trial member. Go here to start your free trial today. Trial members have limited access to the content, however it is more than enough to get a feel for using the site as a regular member.

All you need to take a free trial is a valid e-mail address. We don't ask for any payment information. There is no obligation whatsoever. You don't have to worry about being pushed into a full membership at the end of your trial, however in order to join as a real member, you will need to place an order at You can subscribe as a full-access member at any time during your trial, or after it expires.

What forms of payment do you take?

At the present time, we only accept credit card payments through our secure registration form. We accept Mastercard and Visa. If you would like to pay via telephone or postal mail, please contact us to make arrangements and we can accommodate you.

However, rest assured that our online payment process is very secure. Finger Workout™ follows best practice in this regard. In fact, no sensitive credit card information is even entered into our systems. You make your payment directly to the gateway on a secure connection. To learn more about privacy and security, please have a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

Who created Finger Workout™?

This program was created by myself (Matt Malloy). If you wish to learn more about me or the site, or hear a few samples of my playing, please visit the About page.

Why a web site instead of a book?

The web (as opposed to a paper book) opens up a whole new world of possibilities in what the program can offer you. Through your Members Area, you can do all of the following that you couldn't do in a book...

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